eCornell is part of Cornell University, a prestigious American institution based in New York that forms part of the Ivy League group of top-ranked US colleges. Established in 2000 to act as the online provision wing of Cornell University, eCornell has since expanded to offer a broad range of certificate programmes and professional development courses.

Interactive Pro worked in cooperation with eCornell to develop a suite of Advanced Diploma courses covering areas including Leadership and Strategic Management, Hospitality, Systems Design, and Human Resources. Delivered over the course of 9 months, each programme combined the latest developments in online instructional methodology to provide students with an up-to-date understanding of key professional disciplines.

By blending Interactive Pro’s unique vantage point within the e-learning industry with eCornell’s academic pedigree and reputation, we were able to produce an exceptional series of courses and provide students with a gateway to career progression.


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