Our company

Founded in 2007, Interactive Pro is dedicated to helping you deliver world-class online education, and our extensive experience in recruiting international students will give your organisation the benefit of global exposure. From the digitisation of your existing academic content, to the creation of new online courses from our ever-growing library of academic content, we have your needs covered.

Partnering with leading universities, colleges, businesses, and awards bodies across the UK, we’ve helped thousands of students and professionals achieve their ambitions through our educational services. 


Our mission

Combining our belief in the transformative power of education with our passion for innovating new ed-tech solutions, our mission at Interactive Pro is to create outstanding delivery methods for online higher education courses and professional qualifications.

We believe education should be accessible to all individuals looking to achieve personal and professional development, regardless of age, gender, or geographical location. 

Through a combination of adherence to rigorous academic procedures and our commitment to the development of new concepts in e-learning, we foster open access to education under our founding tenet; that excellence is only achievable within an environment of trust, fairness, and diversity. 


Our people

Interactive Pro is made up of a dedicated team of instructional designers, academics, marketers, and e-learning specialists. With offices across four continents, we currently employ more than one hundred talented and enthusiastic individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, all of whom are committed to our mission of providing access to education for all.

Every day, our combined focus is on how to better help you achieve outstanding educational outcomes online.

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