Faculty management

As well as working with your existing faculty, we offer recruitment services to provide PhD-level staff members who work within your educational framework. All programme faculty undergo continuous professional development to provide the highest quality online instruction.


Programme delivery

Our digital learning content is unparalleled in production value, and is delivered over a secure VLE for uninterrupted access to programme resources. If you already have a preferred learning platform in place, we will work with you to offer support and optimisation as your online portfolio increases in scale.


Student support

We provide every partner and educational programme with a dedicated team of highly-trained admissions and support counsellors who are committed to providing students with a personalised service that meets diverse learning needs.


Academic quality assurance

Frequent user surveys and real-time activity data help us produce detailed and ongoing course performance analytics. We understand how to translate this data into programme management strategies that align with your Learning and Teaching Strategy and desired student outcomes.