Market research

Our marketing experts perform a complete market analysis of your potential student audience, while also screening new windows of opportunity to create a custom marketing plan that is designed to meet and exceed your central performance objectives.

Furthermore, we build customised branding strategies focused on attracting high-quality students using marketing models that highlight the unique benefits provided by your institution and its online offering.

Through a variety of online and offline channels, we build upon historically successful online marketing strategies while keeping a close eye on new education sector trends. We then leverage this industry knowledge to deliver targeted and engaging marketing communications to a global audience. In addition, our dedicated business intelligence unit conducts comprehensive analyses to recommend marketplace USPs, suitable price points, and strategies for ensuring that profitability and academic quality develop in synthesis.

Marketing communications

Detailed marketing analytics allow us to identify the best‐performing channels and maximise their reach to bring you high-quality students, no matter their global location. Focused on the specific requirements of each programme, we regularly update and revise campaign strategies and approaches in order to reflect shifting demographic trends and to reinforce marketplace competitiveness.

Our comprehensive distribution of marketing collateral includes the custom creation of branded websites and microsites, landing pages, email campaigns, and social media engagement tools, all of which serve to drive recruitment while maintaining academic and institutional integrity. We also run intelligent remarketing campaigns designed to amplify your online visibility and keep prospective students engaged with your brand.

All of these processes combine to ensure that your future students have access to the online programmes that best meet their professional and educational goals.



Demand generation

Our marketing team use a full range of proven methods to attract qualified and driven students to your programmes. Search engine optimisation, targeted email marketing, global affiliate marketing channels, and tailor-made PR campaigns are all put to work to raise awareness of your brand and generate an optimum lead flow.

As a first step to increasing marketplace interest, we implement an integrated digital marketing strategy and monitor its performance metrics over a set time period. Based on these in‐depth data and analytics, we then design a comprehensive and unique marketing plan for each programme. We believe that to generate quality leads it is vital to build relationships with prospective students well before they elect to enrol on a course of study. Therefore, our student engagement model encourages an open dialogue which fosters trust and ongoing communication, ultimately increasing overall student retention ratios while working towards the realisation of your organisational goals.

Student recruitment

Attracting the right students to your newly-developed online programmes can be a huge challenge, requiring a great deal of time‐intensive input from a team of recruitment specialists with an in‐depth knowledge of your programme specifications, as well as your online learning model. The most successful recruitment efforts come as a result of significant input from a number of departments, including the upkeep of a detailed database of current and prospective leads. Ultimately, the conversion process relies on a team of individuals with a great deal of experience across a number of disciplines.

As the first point of contact with potential learners, our student recruitment team perform a range of specialised services including answering specific questions and queries about the programme, supplying information about your institution, determining if a prospective student meets your admissions criteria, and providing assistance throughout the application, registration, and payment processes.

To bring you qualified and motivated students, we dedicate time and research to pinpointing what makes your institution unique. This information is used to develop tailor‐made marketing and recruitment operations that align with your overall institutional values and organisational aims.




Launched by Interactive Pro in 2017, Edology is our customer-facing online course aggregator brand. Through Interactive Pro’s university partnerships, Edology offers students online access to academic and professional courses across a variety of fields including law, finance, accounting, business, marketing, computing, fashion, media, psychology, criminology, and more. 

As well as connecting students and working professionals with high-quality professional degree programmes, Edology engages with current and potential students to provide careers guidance in finding the most effective and rewarding routes available to reach their personal academic and professional goals. It offers support and vital information on the latest industry trends and developments, and outlines the ways in which online study can meet the needs and ambitions of the modern professional.