Market research

Competitor and consumer analysis combined with a data-driven approach to market research identifies untapped opportunities in the marketplace. We can evolve this research into a strategy for current and future programme development, and as a solution to employer needs.


Programme design

We identify product opportunities, defining our research into detailed concepts that address market and employer needs. This can include course and module identification through to the collaborative design of learning, teaching and assessment activities that reflect your education strategy.


Content digitisation

Multi-media content is developed at our industry-leading production facilities. Our pioneering approach to content has led to the development of Bitesize Interactive Objects (BIOs), which increase flexibility in curriculum design, as well as efficiencies in learner engagement.



Canvas, a secure, intuitive Virtual Learning Environment, delivers course content to tens of thousands of students globally with unmatched reliability and uptime, and enables granular data analysis of performance and engagement metrics. We can also work with your existing VLE system, providing support and technologies that encourage user retention.