How e-learning with InterActive really works

For those who have never taken online courses, considering distance learning online can pose more than a few important questions. Luckily, demystifying how online learning with IA works is as straightforward as…well, studying online.  

So, how does it work? Here is a step-by-step guide to online study with IA.

“How do I apply for a programme?”

Applying for any of our degree, certificate or diploma programmes is as easy as visiting our website and clicking “Apply Now” on the course page of your choice. You'll fill in a very short contact form detailing which course you are applying for, then simply wait for your personal support consultant to contact you the very next day to guide you all the way through the enrolment process. 

“I’m enrolled on an online course, I’m in front of my computer, what happens next?” 

Once you are enrolled, you’ll receive an email which will guide you to the self-registration form for the study platform. Just click the link within the email and follow the instructions.

“What’s a ‘study platform’?”

The study platform is how we deliver the learning content and communication between tutors and students directly to your personal devices; IOS, Android, Windows, tablet, phone or desktop. Basically, it’s your one-stop-online-shop for everything you need to complete your course.

“I’m logged in to the platform and ready to start my course. How do I begin?”

On the first page after signing in, simply click on the course you want to start and you’ll be taken to that course’s homepage. On every course homepage there is an induction designed to familiarise you with aspects of that particular course. Start the induction by clicking the opening link at the top of the page. 

“Am I provided with all the course materials for my course?”

InterActive and our university partners provide a solid core of multimedia content, all available on the study platform. While it’s difficult to put a limit on the quantity of study material that could help you complete any academic course, this content is usually more than enough to complete a course.

“What kind of content do I have access to?”

A big part of our courses are our HD video lectures and BITS (short bite-size learning videos). You can watch our videos as many times as you want on multiple devices. A unique feature of our videos is something called “dynamic stream switching”, which means no matter how strong your internet connection is, your videos will always stream. Other materials and learning formats include tailored e-books and flashcards that accompany video content, quizzes, discussion forums, mock examinations, and everything you need to be prepared for your final assessment.

“Are course materials downloadable, so I can work offline?”

Yes, much of your course is downloadable. You can download offline versions of many of the study materials mentioned above. However, this does not apply to video content and the discussion forums, which are a purely online learning resources.

“How is my coursework set and submitted?”

You’ll receive notifications when a particular assignment has been set, and get a complete breakdown of what the assignment is going to be and what will be required. When it comes to submitting work, it’s as easy as adding an attachment to an email. You just upload your submission, and you’ve got a complete record and receipt of your submission on the platform.

“How do I do exams online?”

Exams appear on the main course page. Just click on the exam you want to take, and start your exam. As you’re taking your exam, you can see how much time is left, and you also receive regular warnings as time counts down. When you submit your exam and it has been successfully received, you receive a confirmation email.

“Can I interrupt the exam and come back to it later, or is it a set amount of time in one go?”

It’s a set amount of time in one go. So, if you start, you have a running clock to complete your exam. The exam automatically times out after 1 hour.

“How do I make sure I don’t miss any of the work I’m supposed to be doing?”

On the student dashboard you can see exactly what upcoming tasks you have, as well as any recent activity concerning other submissions and feedback. As you work through the units of your course you’ll have frequent reminders about all the necessary work you need to complete. Once you complete a task, you can revisit the dashboard and it will have automatically updated your reminders list.

“If I never have to visit a campus, how do I communicate with my tutors when I need their guidance?”

You can communicate with your tutors directly through the study platform. When your tutors respond, you receive a message in study platform inbox, and an email is sent to your registered email address. You are also notified when you receive feedback from other students in the discussion forums. All notifications are customisable, so you can choose how you want to be contacted.

“Can I share and discuss ideas with other students about the course we are doing?”

Yes, in the discussion forums. In addition, students can build their own profiles, add pictures and biographies, Skype and other contact information, so they can form independent study groups and develop their relationships and connections.

“Finally, how easy is it to contact student support?”

We have a live chat system which is present across all our websites, including the study platform. Contacting support is as easy as clicking the small red button in the bottom right corner of your screen and writing a message. 

So, as you can see, studying online is designed to bring a smooth and dynamic approach to gaining the qualifications that have a real impact on your life and your career. If you find you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.

To apply today for any of our distance learning courses, please fill in the information request section at the top of this page. We wish you the very best on your online education journey.