Instructional design
and content creation

A well‐formulated strategy forms the foundation of every successful academic programme, and Interactive Pro’s long experience in the production and delivery of online content means that you can harness our expertise to attract your desired student cohort.

Based upon robust market analysis, we design a comprehensive blueprint which takes into account the ultimate objectives of your online offering with regards to both programme outcomes and your wider organisational goals. Working with us, you’ll achieve increased competitiveness and differentiation, essential in today’s crowded online education arena.

Programme design

Following an analysis of your programme’s required specifications, such as qualification level, target audience, overall academic objectives, and institutional success factors, our team will develop a detailed product brief outlining the required programme learning outcomes. We then identify and put in place robust instructional design solutions, ensuring a smooth transition to online delivery.

Once an online syllabus design is in place, we‘ll take care of every aspect of its successful implementation. Starting with an agreed programme creation timetable, our content production team delivers the academic materials required to bring your programme to life through a full range of engaging digital media.

Our in‐house film studios are fully equipped with state of the art video production facilities, resulting in a final product that exudes not only academic rigour, but also a highly professional level of online presentation. From start to finish, we’ll take care of every aspect of the digitisation process, transforming your initial concept into a fully deliverable online academic programme.



LMS assembly

A successful learning management system needs to facilitate the learning process from a number of different perspectives, while catering to the different learning styles preferred by various individuals. Whether that process takes place on a smartphone, PC, or tablet, the online platform is ultimately the bridge between educator and student.

Our technical team will build, administer, and manage your online learning management system to provide a digital platform through which both students and faculty can interact via a virtual learning environment that is customised to their needs. If required, we can construct your online platform from scratch, or alternatively we can work within your existing learning management system and bring our experience on board to ensure an enhanced student learning experience.

Top Floor Creative

Based in central London, and owned and operated by Interactive Pro, Top Floor Creative delivers first-rate content production services on behalf of our university partners and external clients.

At Top Floor Creative, a talented team of filmmakers, producers, and designers provides both the experience and technical expertise to produce innovative and professional online academic content for utilisation across a range of media channels. From pipeline design through to post-production and product delivery, the Top Floor Creative team always strives to ensure positive experiences and outcomes for our partners throughout the production process. With a methodical and practical approach to each individual project, they offer bespoke creative solutions for each partner and customer.

With comprehensive professional facilities including infinity-curved green screens, Auralex sound-dampened studios, and 4K Mini Ursa Black Magic camera, Top Floor Creative is more than capable of meeting and exceeding the expectations of its customers across a variety of content demands.